Tuition Information

2023/2024 Tuition Rates

For K-8:

  • $5000 for the first K-8 learner
  • $4500 for each K-8 sibling

For 9-12:

  • $5500 for the first 9-12 learner
  • $5000 for each 9-12 sibling

For K-8 siblings of 9-12 learners, the K-8 sibling rate ($4500) will apply.

Payment Information

Payment Options
Pay in Full:
Due by August 1, 2023
*3% discount for full payment

Two installments:
1st payment due by August 1, 2023
2nd installment due by February 1, 2024
*1.5% discount applied for two installments

Ten monthly installments:
1st payment due by August 1, 2023
Final payment due May 1, 2024

Make checks payable to:
PO Box 225
Jenison, MI 49429

Pay via Zelle
Send to:

Tuition Assistance

IDLC is committed to keeping costs low and affordable in order to make IDLC a possibility for learners of all socioeconomic statuses. In order to fulfill our commitment, we rely heavily on donations. 

Interested in giving to IDLC’s scholarship fund or sponsoring a child’s education? Please visit our SUPPORT page for more information.

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