IDLC is working with the Michigan Department of Education to become a registered non-public school. There are specific steps required for registration such as specific building codes and financial goals, all of which we are in active pursuit. Several of these steps are dependent on government timelines which have been delayed due to COVID. 

Until we are in our future permanent location, Imago Dei Learning Community will operate as a homeschool extension program.

  1. Each family that participates in Imago Dei’s programming will register as a homeschool family. This is a quick and simple process with which we will assist each family.  
  2. There are few regulations for homeschooling in the state of Michigan. We will work with each family to navigate what this means and provide any materials for essential classes. 
  3. By registering as a homeschool family, your child(ren)’s education is acknowledged by the state in the event of a transfer or graduation.

There are very few regulations for homeschooling in the state of Michigan. Depending on the age of your child(ren), there are specific essential classes that are the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian for grades 1 -12. The State of Michigan does not consider kindergarten as essential.

No. We will still be providing our in-person 5-day per week programming as if we were a registered nonpublic school. This will allow for a seamless transition once our registered status is finalized. At that time, all learners will be transferred to IDLC.

As a registered homeschool family, your child’s coursework will be acknowledged by the state in the event of a transfer or graduation. This also allows your child(ren) to receive any auxiliary services and participate in athletics through your local public district in which your family resides.

We utilize the MAP assessment for all K-12 learners and ensure it is administered in a learner-driven manner.

IDLC is committed to keeping costs low and affordable in order to make IDLC a possibility for learners of all socioeconomic statuses. In order to fulfill our commitment, we rely heavily on donations.

Drop-off starts at 8:45 am and attendance is taken at 9 am. Dismissal and pick-up is at 3:15 pm.

For K-8:

  •  $5000 for the first K-8 learner
  •  $4500 for each K-8 sibling

For 9-12:

  • $5500 for the first 9-12 learner
  • $5000 for each 9-12 sibling

For K-8 siblings of 9-12 learners, the K-8 sibling rate ($4500) will apply.

Imago Dei supports learners from Kindergarten – 12th grade. Kindergarteners must be five years of age on or before September 1.

Yes. However, Imago Dei refers to teachers as Guides. Imago Dei will abide by all Michigan Department of Education qualification guidelines for teachers and staff of non-public schools.

No, Imago Dei will not assign homework.

No, bussing is not a part of our programming at this time.

No, we do not offer before and after-school care at this time.

Our model naturally supports many of the accommodations that IEPs have because of the individualized approach and amount of one-to-one learning. Learners of Imago Dei are eligible to participate in auxiliary services through the public school district in which they live if needed.

As part of the learner-driven model, each learner of Imago Dei will have their own individualized education plan.

We are a registered non-profit in the state of Michigan. For questions regarding tax deductible donations please contact us.

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